There is no leadership without influence. Transform how you communicate and lead.




Managing, sales, marketing, policing, and even parenting is all about on thing,  INFLUENCE.

Managing is easy when everyone is following.  Selling is easy when everyone is buying but that, is not influence.

How do you spark interest in the mind of the opposition or in the face of resistance?

True leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.

Leadership is defined not by a role or authority but by the ability to influence.

Understanding HOW we get people  to apply the  learnings to  effect change is …. This is the impact of great leadership!

"Connection, Communication and Self Awareness are the three essential qualities of Leadership"


Speaking & Training

All are designed to help your organisation create influential leaders and professionals where communication and performance come into synergy. Training such as  The Art of Influence, Communication Skills for Emerging Leaders,  Public Speaking Mastery we explore practical strategies for your organisation to improve your results.


Empowering leaders and professionals with the skills amplify their influence and impact results.   Aligning the development needs of  with the objectives of the organization,we provides a confidential and supportive feedback-rich environment where leaders and professionals can gain valuable insights and develop positive new behaviors to influence change.



Working with you to cultivate a high performance yet sustainable organisation. We work by blending expertise in business, organisational dynamics, communications and the psychology of human performance to guide organisational transformation, strategic planning, and corporate vision.

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I have spent over 20 years leading teams and working with the CEO’s of small businesses and I know this one thing to be true:

Without influence, there is no leadership. Without leadership, there is no positive impact.

Two pivotal moments in my career, taught me an important lesson;

Leadership is easy when times are great, but leadership is hard in moments of struggle and without the ability to influence, there will be no positive change.

After my own experiences of being  a female adviser in a male dominated environment, the impacts of poor leadership and unethical selling, I vowed to become the type of leader I always wanted and immersed myself in the learnings and applications of human psychology to evoke positive change, drive team performance, and influence buying decisions.

Today I work with organisations and individuals to help them transform the way they led through connection, communication, and influence to change behaviours and create amplified results. 

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