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Monday 17th May - Fri 21st May

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Workshop 1 - Discover how upgrading to a Wealthy Mindset is the key to a profitable business and building wealth

I'll show you the strategies that will take you from ‘there's never enough' mindset to ‘there's  more than enough' mindset! You'll understand how to lean into an abundance mindset now to get you off that hamster wheel.

Includes:  Editable Workbook to help you deep dive into your money beliefs

Workshop 2- Uncover how to Break through your Revenue and Income Ceiling

I'll help you identify your sabotaging money behaviours and habits that show up every day in your life and business and  are keeping you financially stuck and capping your revenue potential. You'll then  learn how to move past them.

Includes:  Editable Workbook to uncover your sabotaging behaviours that are limiting your income

Workshop 3- Discover how to maximise profits, leverage your business as an asset and so you can pay off your debts and build Generational Wealth

I'll show you how to lean into the mindset and the strategies that will turn your business into the lean, profit making machine your business can be allowing you to focus on building personal and generational wealth.

Includes:  Editable Workbook to discover the Profit & Wealth opportunities in your business

Don't take my word for it! Here's what others had to say:

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Hey, I'm Dominique!

I'm a Profit and Wealth Mentor & Strategist and founder of Financially Fierce Females.

And if you're ready to become Financially Empowered, Unapologetically Successful, you are definitely in the right place!

After working as a Financial Adviser,  I have seen first hand the impact our money mindset has on our ability to create more money and allow us to build an aligned, profitable business which we can leverage for personal wealth. 

My superpower is helping women in business with the mindset and skillset to generate more revenue and profit, keep the money they are making and  grow their personal wealth. 

Money is simply maths, and when we can take the emotion out of it and learn to love the numbers, we financially empower ourselves.

My mission is to financially empower 5,000 women in business, like you, by 2023 and help them to get out of the struggle and build wealth.

Our businesses provide us with the potential of the greatest return of any investments. It's up to us to  maximise those returns.

Financially Empowered. Unapologetically Successful!

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