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4 Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction (LOA) has The Secret to thank for it’s recent rise in fame but the truth is LOA has been around FOREVER! I hear so many people discredit the law of attraction because lets be honest, the simply don’t understand it!

Here are the most common misconceptions:

1. Just think positively

Nonsense! Thinking positively is an unsustainable momentum! No wonder people get disillusioned. It is IMPOSSIBLE to think positively at all times….we’re human, not robots, we’re bound to have our moments. What you can do however is consciously catch yourself at these moments and change your thoughts to be empowering rather than disempowering. Empowering thoughts are in line with LOA.

2. It will just happen

Just thinking about it doesn’t make it happen, you have to take the inspired action to make it happen. You have to put yourself out there and THEN the universe will conspire to make it happen. If you’re going through the same mundane routine, not putting yourself in situations that are unusual, uncomfortable or unknown to you, how would you expect anything to change. The universe doesn’t believe you’re serious enough to change so then nothing will happen

3. It’s complete woo woo

Hey, I’m all about the woo-woo and love my crystals just as much as the next but truth is The law of Attraction is a UNIVERSAL law. Like attracts like….it’s foundations are built in science. Yes science. Everything is energy, and that includes are thoughts. Our thoughts have a vibrational frequency. That is a FACT! So the energy of your thoughts are either low or high frequency. Think about a sound wave. If 2 frequencies are not on the same of ‘wavelength’ they will balance until they’re in complete synchronicity. This is where like attracts like comes into it.

Which brings me to my next point:

4. It’s not for everyone

Whether you realise it or not EVERYONE is being dictated by the Law of Attraction, as I said it’s a universal law. We are the co -creators of our own universe, only most people are unconscious to that reality! Those in the know use LOA to co create our universes, on a conscious level. So be consciously aware of which thoughts you are giving energy to, are the empowering or disempowering because either way, they become your reality.

Help me get the word out especially around point 3. Share away!

Dominique Mullally
Dominique Mullally is a Wealth Coach and Strategist who helps female entrepreneurs create profitable, sustainable businesses. Using her Profit, Assets, Wealth Method, she helps entrepreneurs develop the mindset, systems and strategies to increase cash flow, grow profits and build wealth.

Using her expertise in Financial Advising, NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy, to overcome the mindset blocks and put into action simple strategies to create wealth through your business. She believes every woman should be Financially Empowered, Unapologetically Successful and she helps remove the roadblocks many women face and create a roadmap to financial freedom and independence.
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