5 Money Mindset tips to blow up your income

Asking for more money in your life has very little to do with the money itself. It’s more do with the energy behind it.

Money is quite literally a currency.  A running energy which needs to be in a constant state of flow. A lot of the time, money isn't about the physical green paper, it's about the psychology of money and our attitude towards it.

Here are five money mindsets tips to help increase your income:

Appreciation brings appreciation

What you focus on expands. If you focus about all the things that are wrong in your life instead of right you get more of whats wrong. Gratitude is the biggest way to expand your income and your wealth.  Take the time to write down daily 3 things that you are grateful for.  It could be as simple as a hot shower or a warm bed but put the energy into really focusing on those feelings of gratitude for all the great things you have in your life. Take the time to make this a daily habit.

Pay attention to your money love language

Our tongue is our sharpest tool, it can start an argument or a new love affair. How are you choosing your words when you speak about money?  I say choosing because most of the time it will be an unconscious thought choice that’s gone unfiltered for so long it’s become habitual…….. and we all know your habits determine your results. Pay attention to your money language, instead of saying I can’t afford this, try I choose not to buy this right now. Empower yourself and your words.

Forgive yourself

Beating yourself up for the past money mistakes you’ve made doesn’t help you move forward, in fact it ensures you remain firmly stuck! Stop being so frigging hard on yourself!!! Cut yourself some slack. Now you know better, do better, it’s a simple as that.  Write on a piece of paper daily for at least 2 weeks, I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you, lets move forward. Unconsciously you give yourself permission to let go and move forward.

 Cut the crap

Decluttering your purse, bag, office space or closet ensures the flow money. After all money is an energy which likes clarity and clear space. Clear out old receipts from your purse, get rid of the clutter lying at the bottom of your bag, clear the crap! How does your purse look, is it tattered or pretty? If it’s tattered, time to get rid and spoil yourself with something that makes you ‘feel’ financially empowered……… just by holding it…don’t put yourself into debt doing it……..it doesn’t have to BE expensive,……it just needs to make you feel good!

Take pride in your purse….it contains your precious money.

And the most important tip……

Value your yourself

You are your best asset. We as women tend to place so much emphasis on external validation for our own worth, we need that constant reassurance that we’re good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, tall enough, funny enough….. STOP……. You ARE enough!!! Understanding our worth and truly recognising that is the greatest skill you could ever master.  Make a list of all the reasons you’re amazing. Don’t be shy about this, no one has to see it….and so what if they did, but fucking own your worth. Don’t just own it, learn to celebrate it.

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