Money is a just need to understand the rules!

Hey, I'm Dominique and I help women in business to make more money and build personal wealth. Focusing on building a profitable, sustainable business from the ground up and maximising profitable opportunities.  I focus on securing the right foundations to allow for scalability and growth. 

I love helping women to lose the money drama and empower them with the strategies and skills,  to build wildly profitable business and build personal wealth thus buying them time, emotional and financial freedom.

I am a massive believer that EVERY woman should be Financially Empowered, Unapologetically Successful.  Women in business have an amazing opportunity to create wealth for themselves and their families and create a legacy and impact that stands long after they have gone!

I believe in:

Real talk, normalising women and wealth, living life by design not by default, and working smarter not harder

I don't do:

Excuses, pussy-footing, problems focused attitudes, inauthenticity, conformity

I love to:

Travel, cook and eat delicious food, sample amazing wines, talk about money and wealth and hang out with like minded people

wealthy habits:

Money mantras,  laughter and fun, big vision thinking, quiet time, automation and leverage.

So what's my story....

After working as a Financial Adviser and being a women in business myself for over 12 years, I have seen the struggles women face when it comes to their relationship with money and the impact this has on our business and personal financial success!

God knows, I faced my own limitations to for a long time believing that I couldn't have financial success AND a happy, loving relationship!

What was happening? I was a successful woman making good money and smart investment choices but I limited my success, often apologising for it!

And I began, to see these same patterns play out in my female clients who stagnated their business and personal wealth through various forms of self sabotage.

So I went on my own journey of self discovering learning that wealth creation, starts with a wealthy mindset and ends with the strategy, not the other way around. 

This changed the game.

For me!

For my clients!

I started earning more money than ever before and created a portfolio of assets which meant I earned, real passive income giving the freedom to choose life on my terms!

How did the game change?

So what can you expect working with me?


Honesty, support, real talk and REAL results from someone who has walked the talk!

Across my services and products, I work with women in business using my 2 signature methodologies, The Financially Fierce Method™️ and The Wealth Accelerator Framework™️.

Using either or both, depending on the need, I help empower women in business with a fierce wealth mindset and SIMPLE strategies that allow you to build your business into a lean mean, profit making machine which you can then use to start building REAL wealth.

From crystallising your vision, creating a fierce wealth mindset, stabilising your financial foundations,  Pricing to Profit™️, customising your financial and wealth plan and monetising and optimising your business, I ensure you get REAL results! 



professional bio

Dominique Mullally is a Profit & Wealth Strategist and founder of Financially Fierce Females™️. She works with women in business to help them build profitable, sustainable businesses that can be leveraged for personal wealth and afford them a life most only dream about.

With 20+ years in financial services and 13 years as a business owner, Dominique has coached hundreds of women to help them with the mindset and strategies change their relationship with money and how they see their business, to put them on the path to building real wealth.

Dominique is a qualified Financial Adviser,  and holds a Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy. She is also a practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Dominique understands the mindset and strategies that are needed to build profitable business, that lights you up and that can be leveraged to accelerate your way to personal wealth.

Using her signature methodologies, The Financially Fierce Method™️ and Wealth Accelerator Framework™️, which are the same methodologies she used to create financial independence for herself, she helps her female clients to become, Financially Empowered, Unapologetically Successful™️ and live a life by design and not default.

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