Dominique Mullally

About Dominique

Dominique Mullally is a Leadership and EQ consultant.

Using qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Applied Psychology, and with her background in financial services and leadership combined with her experience as an entrepreneur, positions Dominique with unique skills and demonstrated real time expertise, to help individuals and organisations alike transform the way they lead and create impactful, long last results.

Drawing on her own experiences of leadership roles and studying human psychology, Dominique has created a unique methodology to help orgnaisations and individuals transform the way they communicate and lead to amplify their influence and drive results.

Today, she is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and holds a Certification in Coaching, Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy, and is a trained Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Prior to founding her company, Dominique gained over two decade of experience in financial advisory and senior leadership roles leading teams for major organisations such as Lloyds Bank, Barlcays, National Australia Bank and Asgard Wealth Management. Dominique’s book The Money Code and How to Crack It is available on Amazon.


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