Are you giving your money the silent treatment?

Let’s be honest when was the last time you looked at your money, loved on your money? Are you the ostrich with your head stuck in the sand?

So what happens when you give your money the cold shoulder?

Money…………… like any relationship when loved, respected and nurtured grows and flourishes. When neglected it withers and dies and the end result is a pretty sad looking bank account or a mountain of debt.

Not talking about your money or giving it the cold shoulder is bad for your health. Most women would rather talk about their sex lives than talk about their money situation.

Everything is a choice….so when we choose not to talk about our money it becomes wrapped up in shame and guilt, kind of like our dirty little secret. It keeps us financially stuck, stressed and even depressed.

So let’s dive into some ways you can reconnect with your money:

1. Make the 1st move

Change doesn’t happen without action so it’s important that you begin to open up the channels for honesty and transparency, with yourself. Who cares how much debt you’re in. Who cares how much savings you do or don’t have in the bank….. you…you’re the only one that really cares…and truth be told the only opinion that matters.

Is it scary looking……… really looking…….at your money for the first time in a long time?….. hell yes!!! But so is asking a guy that you fancy to go out for a drink….. if you don’t make the first move, you’ll end up for of regret….and a little bit frustrated…if you know what mean. So make a date with your money and give it some loving attention.

2. Lose your pride

Ok, ok I get it……but it goes hand in hand with making the first move. Being stubborn and cutting your nose of to spite your face……isn’t doing anyone any favours. Get very clear on your numbers and if you need to talk with someone about your money, then make that bloody appointment. If you have more than one credit card, look into getting a personal loan to consolidate the debt. If you can’t do that, look to negotiate the current interest rate you’ll pay. Either way lose the pride and have the conversation.

3. A problem shared is a problem halved

The conversation around money is an important one to have. The talk of money or the handling of money triggers so many emotional responses in us. It can leave us feeling full of fear, or shame or anxious. Subconsciously money symbolises so many different meanings for each of us so it’s important to talk and share these worries or feelings. Have a conversation with a trusted partner or friend and talk about your situation don’t be afraid to tell them how you feel. However if you’re not able to do this book an appointment with a reliable Financial Advisor. Talking to a professional who is completely emotionally detached from you and your money worries can help you elevate that stress.

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