How to break habits that keep you financially stuck

You’re probably not even aware but there’s probably something you’re doing unconsciously, without even knowing, that is keeping you exactly where you don’t want to be………….financially stuck!

I’m Dominique Mullally, Money & Mindset Coach and in today’s blog we’re going to look at the 3 most common money the habits that may be keeping you stuck in debt, unable to save or unable to create the income you truly want.


I’m sure you’ve tried budgeting, penny pinching, tracking every single dollar and cent, pound or penny,  that goes in and out of your account but none of it is working and for some reason, you can’t seem to move out of the financial hole you seem to be stuck in.

Honestly, you’re not alone and it’s more common than you think.

The key to wealth, and freedom, is in the money habits you have that you’re not even aware of.  Habits cause us to do things over and over again, without even giving it a second though but ultimately these habits are creating our financial worlds. Lets think about it this way how many times have you driven somewhere, got there and gone, wow, you know what….I don’t remember most of the journey? That’s because you were on autopilot.

So firstly I want you to know that it’s not your fault, you’ve just been asleep but now it’s time to wake you up. So lets jump into it….

# 1 Habit to Break – Your Money Talks

How we talk about money, reinforces our beliefs about what we say. So if you say ‘Oh I can’t afford this’ or ‘I never have enough’ or ‘I have to work hard for my money’…… subconsciously you reaffirm that belief over and over again each and every time you say it, and the feelings that come with that become the experience that you face over and over again with each of those statements.

This is why money is such an emotional topic because it conjures up feelings attached to subconscious beliefs that are buried deep………………. ones we’re not even aware of.

Our thoughts create our reality, so we need to consider whether these thoughts are creating abundance and fulfilment or scarcity and lack.  By saying ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I never have enough’, you probably can afford it and do have enough but unconsciously you’re choosing not to have it, because habitually it’s all you know.

So stop and think about that, are you choosing to simply not do the things you know you need to do to get ahead and is your money talks speaking the language of love, love for youself and your bank account…….is your money talk serving you well?

Next time you hear yourself saying any of these statements, ask yourself is what I am saying really true or am I just choosing a different choice?

So lets introduce a new habit to replace the old one. Everytime you go to say ‘I can’t afford it’  say ‘I choose not to buy it’, where you say ‘I never have enough’ say ‘The universe always provides more than enough’….. or where it might be ‘I have to hard for my money’ replace with it ‘Money works hard for ME’.

Just notice what begins to happen as you speak the language of love and abundance.


#2 Habit to Break – Avoidance

You probably know what I’m talking about, we’ve all been there at some stage. Avoidance is where a credit card bill arrives in the post but you ignore it and shove it in a draw or worse, throw it straight in the bin in the hope that the money fairy or the lottery will come along and rescue you from your financial woes.

Truth is the reason we avoid looking at our money is because it feels uncomfortable, it doesn’t make us feel good. We feel bad, overwhelmed, we don’t know what we’re doing so it’s easier to do nothing and we judge ourselves for the financial situation we’re in so………….. we’d rather just not go there. And at that time the draw or the bin seems like an easier solution, to make those financial fears magically disappear.

The reality is however when we’re avoiding, we’re not dealing with something, and by not dealing with something nothing changes, so it’s like the financial merry go round and round and round… some point you need to get off and refocus.

I know it’s scary and uncomfortable but to change this, we need to get clear……………so clear out that draw….or fish them out of the bin, put on your favourite music, pour a glass of your favourite wine, light some candles, take some deep breaths and get stuck in! And next time the bill or statement comes in get replace the old habit with a new habit. Take a deep breath and open that envelope. The more you do this, the easier this new habit becomes and the more freeing you’ll feel.

#3 Habit to Break – Not respecting your money

If you were to open your purse right now, what would you see inside? Would you see neatly folded bank notes or are they scrunched up? Would you see lots of clutter and old receipts or not much clutter at all? Believe it or not, simply by peering inside your purse, it can give you an insight into your respect for money.

Here’s another scenario, a shopkeeper goes to give you your cents or pennies in change, do you gladly accept or do you ashamedly push it away and tell them to keep it? Do you step over coins you see on the floor or on the street?

Or how many uncashed cheques or gifts card have you found lying around your house over the years? There’s no shame here we’ve all done it.

However these simple actions say to your money and the universe, you know what…’re not important, I don’t respect you and really I don’t need you.

Whilst it may simply be a printed a bank note on a piece  of paper, would you treat an old precious photograph the same way….and if you did what energy would that action of scrunching it up, pushing it away or leaving it to collect dust………….. say? It would say that person or that memory was not that important…it’s exactly the same thing with your money.

To get more money and nurture your bank balance, you have to loving respect to the money you already have.

So lets look at how you can do this. Firstly, give your handbag and your purse a clean out. Is there clutter in there, is there any coins or notes lying around in the bottom of that bag that should be in your purse and do you need to straighten out your notes? I still laugh every time I hear the story abut Marie Forleo washing and ironing her bank notes……………definitely brings new meaning to the term money laundering! However just look financially where shes at now! Now you don’t need to go that far but we certainly want to introduce some new positive money habits

So a new habit to implement here to replace the old habit is every time you receive money.

So next time you’re give some cash neatly place in your purse in numerical order with the presidents or queens……….depending on where you live…………facing the same way! Also get in the habit of clearing out your purse at least once every 2 weeks.

Money is like any relationship in our life, the more love, care and nurturing attention you give it, the it will show up and that nurturing relationship will give, ie your bank balance!


So I’d love to hear from you, …………do you have any tips or tricks please comment below.

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