“You’ve got to tell your money what to do or it will leave you”

– Dave Ramsey

Creating Wealth and Financial Independence is a conscious decision! Our business is one of the best investment vehicles we can use to do this but we weren’t taught this stuff! We weren’t taught how to maximise the opportunities in our business nor the money that came our way. It starts with the decision to become consciously aware, a roadmap and a strategy to ensure we’re on target for our financial goals and towards true Financial Independence.

Working together we get a clear line of sight of the money and wealth in your business, how to maximise profits and build business and personal wealth.

Prices to work 1-1 with Dominique start from £799


Dominique Mullally


  • Clarity on your beliefs about money; Understanding what money and success means to you and getting clarity on the money thoughts and habits you are exhibiting consciously & unconsciously

  • Understanding your Financial Blueprint and establishing a new blueprint to set you up financially and build sustainable wealth.

  • Financial Plan; For the next 10 years.

  • Learn how to use your ‘earned’ income to build long term wealth

  • Financial Strategy; Track your spending, set up automated wealth building systems and implement investments

  • Debt Strategy – Identify and implement strategies to ditch debt in the most effective way

  • Identifying and maximising tax strategies to ensure you keep more of your hard earned cash.

  • and so much more!

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Dominique Mullally

Financially Empowered, Unapologetically Successful

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