1-1 Coaching and Strategy Packages

Whether you want one off support or ongoing I have packages to suit everyone.

So, how do I work with my clients?


Whether we work together as part of my membership, a group programme or 1-1 coaching it is all centered around my 2 signature methodologies, The Financially Fierce Method™️ and The Wealth Accelerator Framework™️.

When working with the mindset we look to use the Financially Fierce Method™️. 

RESET – Any limiting beliefs about money, success or wealth that are holding you back.

REWIRE – Your mind for Wealth

REIGNITE – The love of your business in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly desire.

When looking at strategy, we use the Wealth Accelerator Framework™️ which also incorporated the Financially Fierce Method™️.

CRYSTALISSING – Your vision for dream business and life

 STABILISING – Your financial foundations both in and outside of your business, 

CUSTOMISE – Your business model and financial goals to suit your business and personal needs and wealth plan, 

MONETISE -Your zone of genius, existing business  assets and ensure your are Pricing to Profit™️ to ensure your value in alignment with business goals.

OPTIMISE – Your business ensuring strategies and systems allow for leverage, understand opportunities for ROI.

MAXIMISE – Monetary returns both in and out of your business. 



sounds good? here are your options!

the fierce intensive

The Fierce Intensive is an in person (yes can also be done over Zoom) day for those who require strategic advice to maximise profitable opportunities in their business and break through to the next level of revenue and profit.

Prior to our 1 day together  I will do a birds eye view over your business and wealth plans to get an understanding of where the gaps may be in your business model, where you are leaving money on the table and areas of focus for optimisation and maximisation of revenue and profit to build wealth..

Together using my Wealth Accelerator Framework™️ we create a 12 month strategy and forecast to achieve your revenue and profit targets and your personal financial goals in a way that feels in complete alignment.

 We cover all bases in this 1 day intensive so you walk away with a clear road map of what action is required to ensure you achieve your 12 month goals and accelerate your way to building wealth in a 90 day plan.

In addition, you will have me on hand for an additional 4 weeks to give an additional support as you implement your strategy, and help you overcome any mindset blocks that may present as you uplevel in your business and life. 


The Details

1 Day In person (or online) Intensive strategy session

Lunch included

4 weeks Voxer support


1-1 wealth accelerator

The 1-1 Wealth Accelerator is for those who want the ongoing support and accountability to take their business and life to the next level.

Using my Financially Fierce Method™️ and Wealth Accelerator Framework™️  it combines wealth and business coaching to ensure your business model, sales process and pricing strategy support your personal wealth goals too. 

Whether you have hit a revenue plateau, you are unable to enjoy your financial success or you just want to accelerate your pathway to achieving your desired revenue and creating real wealth, the accelerator has you covered.

I combine deep mindset work with intentional strategy to help you achieve your 90 day goals and accelerator yourself closer to time, emotional and financial  freedom. 

We have a 2 hour deep dive session to get us started to identify the next steps to ensure your financial success. 

You also get Voxer access so you will have me on hand for those 3 months to coach and mentor you through accomplishing your goals.  


The Details

1 x 2hr strategy session

8 x 45 min strategy sessions

3 months Voxer support