The no nonsense, fluff free online membership club that will help you  hit your BUSINESS and PERSONAL FINANCIAL GOALS!

Making money fun!

Set Goals. Make a Plan. Build Wealth.

Be part of a fierce community of women where you will get the support, accountability, and guidance to build solid financial foundations, accumulate wealth and build a legacy using your business.

Do you want to MAKE more money?

Do you want to KEEP more money?

Do you want to GROW the money you have?

All WITHOUT sacrificing more of you, your time, your sanity or your family?

Of course you do…. and you're in the right place!

Welcome to the Financially Fierce Females Legacy Lounge! Where we build businesses, wealth and legacies!

In the Financially Fierce Females Legacy Lounge we believe in

Financial Empowerment!

In celebrating women making money than ever before!

In developing the mindsets and skillset to build generational  wealth!

In putting more wealth in the hands of women to do more amazing things! It's about creating the ripple effect!

‘Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us‘.

– Marianne Williamson

Are these your BIG Financial Goals?


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buy your dream home

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retire your partner

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reduce your working hrs

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no money worreis

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But...... is this............ your current reality?

revenue is unpredictable or inconsistent

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you dread tax time

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You finances are on shaky ground

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You have no financial plan

You have big financial goals for you and your business but no idea how to turn those dreams into a reality and you are sick of sitting on the success sidelines

Your working really hard for little rewards

You're working bloody hard, you sacrifice blood, sweat and tears,

You have no pricing stratgey

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Does this sound or feel familiar to you?

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You know things need to change...

… you're sick of

riding the feast and famine mode over and over

… you're sick of

working REALLY hard for your money and want to work SMARTER

… you're sick of

paying your hard earned money to debts or credit cards

Now imagine...


Money doesn't have to be hard or scary, let me me introduce you to...

The online wealth accelerator for you and your business to help you accomplish those big financial goals and create financial security:

This is unlike any other membership out there in that you will have ongoing training and support to keep you accountable, and in check to achieve all your financial goals both in AND out of your business by someone who has achieved financial independence and freedom for themselves….me!

We talk and more importantly, take action, unapologetically, all things to do with money, wealth and success to take your business and personal wealth to the next level by creating a road map for Financial Independence and Freedom.

This  low cost membership allows you to build the mindset, skillset and consistent habits that are needed to take your revenue, personal income and wealth to that next level.

The Financially Fierce Legacy Lounge is an accountability and support group of amazing FIERCE women which encourages this as 'the norm':

I get it...

Money can be a terrifying thing for so many women!

We're afraid to talk about it, look at it, deal with it, ignore it, handle it. It's a minefield of emotions. 

We cap our revenue, sabotage our sales, spend our profit and keep ourselves ladled with debt!

The truth is, couple the emotions with a non existent financial plan and it's a sure fire way to keep yourself working REALLY HARD and stuck on STRUGGLE street!

My aim for you is to create financial security, by financial empowerment!

Financial empowerment gives you the confidence to make more informed decisions to make, keep and grow more of your hard earned cash.

The simple formula to achieving your financial goals is maths and accountability. 

And I will help you with both!

Ready for the Financially Fierce Females Legacy Lounge to help you achieve those financial goals?

With mini courses, masterclasses, financial calculators, financial trackers, visualisations and hypnotherapy audio's, monthly and  quarterly profit planning parties,  celebrations of all financial milestones AND most importantly ACCOUNTIBILITY for what you'd pay for a daily coffee each month…. question is why would you not want in?

Here's what you get upon joining the Financially Fierce Females Legacy Lounge (and all for less than the cost of your fav daily coffee):

The Price to Profit Toolkit

This pricing toolkit gives you the A-Z of how to price for your products or services including 2 training videos and a calculator based toolkit which helps you see if your financial goals are achievable based on your pricing.

90 Day Planner Asana System

I give you the EXACT system I use in my business to ensure I implement and track my financial goals to ensure I achieve my desired revenue outcomes.  With  training video and accompanying worksheets.

Financial Calculators & Trackers

These calculators  and trackers take the stress out of numbers! From setting revenue targets, to seeing how much your time is really worth, knowing exactly how much money you need to achieve your personal financial goals, and tracking and reviewing the numbers in your business and much more, I have got you covered!

Training Hub

This training hub gives you mini courses and trainings on for both your business and your personal finances.  From money mindset, ramping up your revenue, paying off debt vs building wealth and more.

Audio Library

As a qualified hypnotherapist, you get a library of audio's to pick from. From meditations, to visualisations, to hypnotherapy to rewire your mindset. You get to pick one that you feel is best suited to your needs.

EFT Tapping Scripts

Using my experience as a EFT practitioner I have give you EFT video tapping scripts that you can use to overcome resistance or blocks to receiving more money and financial abundance.

Monthly Financial Goal Setting

The 1st Monday of the month in the Legacy Lounge we set your financial goals and intentions for the month. We gets planned gets measured so it's important that we use a framework to set your goals for the next month in alignment with your 90 day plan goals. Goals are always moving targets and as such should be reviewed regularly.

Monthly Live Q & A

The 2nd Wednesday of the month I host a Live Q & A call where you can ask all your burning questions to help move the needle on your business and your personal wealth. If you are stuck, or need support this is  for you.

Monthly Member Hot Seat

The 4th Thursday  of the month,  I will host 2 women on a hot seat business who will have the opportunity to help me work through with them issue or problem that is keeping them stuck and help them formulate a strategy to move the needle and get those results.

Guest experts

Guest experts in topics relating to business and our personal finances are regularly brought into  FFFLL to  empower  our members with further knowledge and education to create wealth.

Private Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook group specifically for the ladies in the Financially Fierce Females Legacy Lounge where you will cultivate relationships and  get the support you need to use your business to accelerate your wealth.

Members Directory

This members directory can be used to connect or collaborate, locally or online to grow your business. Your ‘Net' work helps grow your ‘Net' worth , we all get by with a little help from our friends.

The Financially Fierce Legacy Lounge, let's be honest, will not be for everyone!

So who is the Financially Fierce Females Legacy Lounge for...

So who is the Financially Fierce Females Legacy Lounge not for...

Hi, I'm Dominique...

I'm a Profit and Wealth Strategist, founder of Financially Fierce Females,  massive foodie, gypsy at heart and believe in living our very best lives, as intended.

I want you to know you're in safe hands. I've had a business for over 10 years  and I built Financial Independence by 31. I am a qualified Financial Adviser and I am also  qualified in Hypnotherapy , Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

My belief is that our business is the best wealth creation asset we could ever own and  it can be used to accelerate our wealth  but  we as women have been  conditioned culturally and societally, to believe that money is a man's game and  managing it is hard work or complicated.  As a result we limit ourselves and the  potential of our business. 

I want to show you an alternative way, and  financially empower you to  be unapologetically successful.

With my no fluff, no nonsense attitude, and easy to key understand strategies I am empowering women just like you to make wealth happen!

I can't wait to get to know you  and  help you see your true financial powers.

With love,

Ready to change your life & business?

let's be honest achieving your financial goals and building wealth comes from...

Financial literacy, consistency and good money habits. Here's how FFF Legacy Lounge will keep you consistent...

Build your wealth plan

You'll build your own personalised wealth plan for you and your business. You'll pick 3 big financial goals to achieve in the next 12 months and use you business to help leverage those achievements.

Review and strategise your financials quarterly

It's important to review our goals regularly. That's why we'll ensure collectively we review these every 90 days to ensure you're on track to hit those goals.

Get weekly accountability and support!

Wealth comes from consistency and habits. Those habits all stack up to bring you to a financial outcome. For most, it's the undesired one. FFFLL will change that!

Surround yourself with other like minded woman!

They say that you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I want you hanging out, connecting and empowering yourself and others with a badass, fierce, unapologetic approach (and know how) to building wealth.

ready to get started?

Here's your investment into The Financially Fierce Females Legacy Lounge:

And…. you can pay in your chosen currency!

low quarterly

£141 GBP

Quarterly Payment

best value

£470 GBP

(2 mths FREE)

One off payment for annual subscription

LOW quarterly

$195 USD

Quarterly Payment

best value

$650 USD

(2 mths FREE)

One off payment for annual subscription

have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Financially Fierce Females is for women who want simple,  easy to understand strategies they can implement and use to create and more importantly achieve financial plans and goals.  This membership is for women who want to be financially empowered with greater financial literacy and confidence to make informed financial decisions for their business and personal finances. 

The minimum commitment is 90 days after which time you must give 30 days notice before you cancel. This is to ensure you get the most out of this membership club and see real financial results ideally 3 months minimum is what I would expect for you to start seeing those real results

No, I will not give you personal financial advice. I will however, give you all the knowledge of a financial adviser to educate and empower you, whilst supporting you, to make the right decisions for yourself. I WILL most certainly however give you strategical advice in relation to your business to maximise profitable opportunities and leverage for wealth.

No. This membership is all about action and accountability. I want you out there achieving those financial goals not consuming information or being overwhelmed with content. There will be a mini course and training's library available to you but there will not be a new masterclass released every month. There will however be adhoc special guest speakers and bonus masterclasses but I want you out there building wealth that is my goal.

Yes absolutely! You will have the opportunity to ask questions if you are unable to attend live and all calls will be added to your member dashboard.

Earnings Disclaimer –

At no point during this program, course or any membership facilitated by Dominique will you be given personal financial advice. Dominique will empower you with the mindset and the financial education to make these decisions for yourself but you are 100% responsible for those decisions. We don’t believe in ‘overnight success’ or ‘get rich quick’ programs. Building a profitable, sustainable business and creating personal wealth takes hard work, patience, consistency and responsibility. Our programs are intended to help you master your mindset and skillset to master your money. Please do not register for our memberships, courses or programs if you are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. This is NOT what this is about. For this reason I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your results or abilities to get results by making more money or the like by using any of our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We will be happy to give you 7 day 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are unhappy with the training that has been provided to you. Please note (as this is very important), all of our programs, courses and memberships are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing provided on this website or within the content of those programs, courses or memberships guarantees future earnings. Please note we do not, nor will not, offer any financial, legal, tax or medical advice. All information provided is for illustrative purposes and should not be considered for any estimated, average, projected or exact earnings. Any mention of investments is again for illustrative purposes and is not an indication of actual or future performance. Any investments that you decide must be made with the knowledge that losses as well as gains are possible so it is important you consult a relevant financial or tax adviser where necessary before making any decisions. As a result, you alone are responsible for your financial decisions and investment choices and by registering for this program you accept that responsibility and you hereby agree not  to attempt to us liable for your decisions, actions and results at any point. It is so important that we are transparent about what you expect but also what we expect upon agreeing to participate in our programs, courses or memberships. There are no guarantees at anytime regarding financial gains or investment returns so please remember this. All terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed below. I look forward to working with you!