The Financial Foundations for Wealth

Learn how to create consistent 30%+ profit margins and build wealth without burning out

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

  • The Financial Framework for making more money, keeping what you make and building personal wealth
    The 3 mistakes that keep women in business in the feast and famine cycle and continuously burnt out
  • How to create consistent cashflow to ensure YOU get paid first and ensure all financial responsibilities are covered
  • How to gain confidence and control in managing your financials
  • How to create a systemised business that has eliminated it's money leaks, uncovered hidden profit and put's it's money to work for you, not you work for it

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Wed, 1st July

11am GMT

Weds, 1st July

7.30pm GMT

I'm Dominique.

I'm a Business & Wealth Strategist who helps women in business make more money, keep what they make and grow their personal wealth without burning out or feeling finance confusion. 

Using the same straatgies I used for myself to build muliple assets and create passive income to achieve indepedence

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