How to declutter to receive more money

Stagnant energy is a ‘in the flow' killer and quickly stops movement of abundance in it’s tracks.

I don’t know about you but for me I feel stressed and out of sorts when any of my space is cluttered. Cluttered spaces are a physical representation of a cluttered mind. They’re highly symbolic to what you may be tolerating in your life and how this may reflect in your income.

Take a look around you, how cluttered is your office, your bedroom, your handbag or your purse? It is messy, is it unorganised, does it feel like a loved and respected space?

How you ‘feel’ when you look at these spaces, what you physically notice?

Decluttering all areas of your life both emotionally and physically means you have the faith to let go of the old and embrace the new. It allows the energy to flow and move rather than be stagnant and fester. It gives you back the power of choice and time to set new expectations for the way forward. Money is literally a currency so it’s important we keep open the channels for receiving this lovely stuff.

Let’s explore this:

1. Are you emotionally hoarding?

I know when I moved back to the UK from Australia, it took me a very long time, to let go of some of the physical clutter I brought back with me…………in particular, my clothes. I realised that by holding onto those clothes, they were a physical representation of a life I was not yet ready to let go of…….namely hot summers and glorious beaches.

It felt like a death to me, I was in mourning for a life I no longer had and I knew by holding onto those clothes I was holding onto my past, which was keeping me stuck.
Take a look around you, what does this physical clutter represent? Is there a part of your past that you are not ready to let go? Are you holding onto something that someone gave you through guilt?
Have a good clear out and throw out those stuck emotions.

2. Beggars can’t be choosers

I definitely not a fan of this saying, it leads people to believe you must take what you’re given, i.e. settle.

So have a think……where in your life have you consciously choose to settle with what you were given, or did you just unconsciously accept what was given to you?

Beggars expect to be given and are prepared to tolerate what they’re given in their life. That is definitely not the mindset of abundance. It is a scarcity mindset and only serves to keep you stuck and on mediocre street.

Remember this, you will only ever receive what you EXPECT.

So ask yourself, what are you expecting and how is this affecting the money you receive into your

3. Declutter the clutter
As mentioned earlier, cluttered spaces hold stagnant energy….never good for receiving money.

Money is literally a conduct for the energy it receives. Have a look in your handbag or your purse……is it cluttered? Are your notes folded nicely or are they scrunched up? Do you have loose change rolling around in the bottom of your bag with no one to love it?

Make it a priority to have a good clear out of your bag and purse. Get rid of old receipts, unused gift cards, anything that’s may be weighing you down figuratively and literally speaking. Have a good look around your office and your wardrobe as well…do you really need all those hand bags or shoes. How much money is hanging up that you’ve spent but never valued as it’s never been worn? How much paperwork are you hoarding in your office that you no longer need?

Cut the crap and watch the money flow.

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