How to lose the Money Worries

We’ve all been there and reality is, many of us are still. Sleepless nights, anxiety at the sight of a bill, dread thinking about your credit card debt and the talk of money is enough to turn your stomach. If this sounds familiar…………’re not alone!

I’m Dominique Mullally, a Money & Mindset Coach and in todays video we’re going to give you some tips and tricks to a restful nights sleep without worrying about money.

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Why is it when it comes time to sleep we envisage every worst case scenario regarding our money and what that means for us, our life and our business……no wonder you’re probably sleep deprived and full on angst.

But I’m going to throw it out there………….. how much of these money worries are actually real? Now bear with you, you might be thinking……wtf is this girl on about of course their real but hear me out.

Quite often we invest so much time and energy into our worries about money we really believe it ALL to be true. Don’t get wrong, when you’re staring at a bank account with a horrible minus sign after it, that’s real, but how many of us lie awake at night worrying about money because we’re haunted that it’s all going to slip away, or because the credit card debt is mounting and you can’t seem to see a way out…

As they say, where there is a will there is a way!

Step 1: Stand up to it

Just like that horrible school yard bully, ignoring it won’t make them go away, all it does is prolong the pain. Face your fears and your money worries head on. What are you really worried about? Are you worried about not having enough, are you worried about your bills, are you worried about where the next client is going to come from or maybe something that hasn’t even happened yet?

Sometime we don’t really know what’s bothering us until we start to verbalise it. Start with I AM worried because…

Get it all out on paper, do a brain dump, just get it out and just by doing that you’ll be amazed at differently you’ll begin to feel. Test it, are these worries founded?

Step 2: Know your numbers

Now that you’ve verbally shared with yourself your fears and worries, it’s time to put some numbers against it. Now this can seem a little scary but again, until you have clarity, sticking your head in the stand will only keep you stuck. If you have debt that unconsciously causes you restless nights, work out how much it is you owe. Knowing your numbers and having that clarity about how much money it is that you need to overcome these worries and trouble helps you and the universe conspire to get you EXACTLY what you need. You can’t where you need togo, until you know where you are.

Step 3: Formulate a plan

Results come from action, and action comes from clarity. Having faced your fears or your worries you can now sit down and decide what you will do about it. If your concern is where is my next client coming from, sit down and formulate a plan to do something different from your traditional marketing. If your concern is who will take care of my family if something was to happen to me, put in place appropriate insurances so that you can sleep soundly. If your concern is all that debt, decide what is the action you will take today to eradicate it.

No changes will happen and everything will remain the same unless you start taking steps today to bring you peace of mind for tomorrow.

And the last step, and probably the most important is…………

Step 4 : Be Kind to yourself

Oh My Gosh if the outside world could hear what we say to ourselves we’d get locked up for bullying. Be kind to yourself, when you catch yourself being hard on yourself or critical, tell yourself, stop, you know………..I am doing the very best I can.

Thoughts are just thoughts until we engage in the drama of them so just don’t engage. They don’t call it a train of thought for no reason. Once you engage in one, along comes another and another and another and before you know it you’ve conjured up a whole horror story about you and your financial situation. Become very conscious of the words you use to yourself. Money doesn’t solve your problems and creating money and wealth comes from inside so be kind to yourself, go easy and forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

So there’s my 4 tops tips for how to stop worrying over money.

So I’d love to hear from you, …………do you have any tips or tricks please comment below.

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