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How you can set yourself up for success in 2018

One of my most favourite sayings in the whole wide world is how you do anything is how you do everything! How you apply yourself to one area of your life is usually how you apply yourself to most areas of your life and this is why we’re all so bloody determined 01 Jan to get our killer beach body, or give up smoking, or save for that dream and by February it’s all gone out the window.

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So let’s look at some of the ways you can set yourself up for success 2018 and beyond:

Literally…. emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually…let go of anything that no longer serves you in any of these ways. Our external worlds can be a reflection of our internal worlds so pay attention and let go of anything that may be literally and figuratively speaking be holding you back and leave it firmly in 2017.

He’s a smart man is that Gary Keller. Know your 1 thing which is going to be the needle turner in your business for 2018. What’s the one key objective for you or your business in 2018 and make a note of what you have to do, have or become to make that happen.

Put your big stuff your diary for 2018 and the smaller stuff will slot in. I have my 1st planned launch in Jan 2018, my 2nd in May September, a 3rd in Oct and my wedding happening in Sept. That is my ‘biggest stuff’ happening next year and I know just by scheduling this in everything else will fall in around that.

Most of us when we set goals, we tend to focus on the long-term goals…the 1 year, 2year etc and this is where can lets ourselves down. The long term goals can seem so far away that it can almost be demotivating because it seems like such a mammoth task to accomplish that, that after a while we give up! That’s why NY resolutions can fail miserably despite our best intentions! So lets make it a little easier. Having a 90day plan ensures that you whilst you may have your long term goals, you’re able to be super focused on taking action in the short term. We like gratification and validation us humans so achieving the smalls steps that lead to the bigger goals no only makes us feel good but also ensures we get sh*t done!

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Drop me your thoughts in the comment box or share you top tips for a productive 2018.

Dominique Mullally
Dominique Mullally is a Wealth Coach and Strategist who helps female entrepreneurs create profitable, sustainable businesses. Using her Profit, Assets, Wealth Method, she helps entrepreneurs develop the mindset, systems and strategies to increase cash flow, grow profits and build wealth.

Using her expertise in Financial Advising, NLP, EFT and Hypnotherapy, to overcome the mindset blocks and put into action simple strategies to create wealth through your business. She believes every woman should be Financially Empowered, Unapologetically Successful and she helps remove the roadblocks many women face and create a roadmap to financial freedom and independence.
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