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Is making money non spiritual?

Money triggers powerful emotions and conflicting messages, especially for women. I cannot tell you how many times I hear women battle with themselves regarding money and their spirituality .

Hi lovely ladies, I’m Dominique Mullally a Money and Mindset Coach and in today’s video we’re going to looking at all the ways it IS spiritual to make money and why it is your divine right.

Now I know already some of you will be cringing having heard me say that…but honestly…it is spiritual….does money not serve you? I get i….for some of us…..it’s almost like they have to make a choice, you can be spiritual…………….. or you can be rich but you can’t be both. So let’s explore this bullshit myth…. Now………I’m just going to throw it out there….my opening point may offend others….. if it does….I’m sorry you may feel that way but…………….. with that being said….lets jump in:

1. You can’t give from an empty cup

There is nothing noble about being broke…………..you cannot quench someone’s thirst when you yourself have an empty cup yet how many times have you heard………… ‘it is always better to give…than receive’……..‘ says bloody who??????????

I was christened catholic so I have no issues with the big man upstairs nor my church going neighbours but did Jesus not pass around that very same cup and ask his disciple’s to drink from it?

How could he give, if he had nothing in his cup to give? If you’re tank is running on empty, you’ll know because you’ll be feeling stressed out, tired and probably resentful! When your tank, both emotionally and financially is full, you’re able to give AND receive from a different place.

A place of abundance and love, a place of calm and understanding. Imagine being able to give from THAT place.

2. Money is just paper

Money is paper. It comes from trees. It’s something we made up….we ‘that is’ the collective we, determined it’s value. Therefore money, remember, really it’s just paper. It's neither good or bad…that too is something we made up depending on how we FEEL about money.

Those feelings came from the things we saw, heard or felt about money growing up. These experiences left energetic or emotionally charged imprints. These in turn led us to our feelings about money today. When was the last time you loving took the time to feel your money….yes, physically feel your money….in your hand, to really appreciate the true value actually you place on it?

Think about all the ways money enhances your life, physically, emotionally, spirituality….do you use it to pay for your favourite yoga class, a monthly massage, your much needed holidays

It’s only paper but show it some love.

3. It’s our divine right

Too right it is!

Our world and I specifically say, our because it’s universal, is a place filled with abundance. Whether you believe it God, the Universe, a higher being or some other form….One thing is for sure everywhere you look the creator of this beautiful place we call earth, ensured that everything we ever needed was supplied to us. We just needed to go out and find it.

The flow and ebb of the universe is and our spirit is one of abundance, however ego is one of fear and scarcity.

We have been trained to lean into our ego and ignore our spirit. We’re the most emotionally intelligent beings on earth and yet ignore the whispers of our soul and divine desires because we’re afraid of what others may think, or of getting hurt,  or appearing a certain way.

Do you think an eagle rationalises why they should or shouldn’t get fed or if there will be enough to go around for others? Hell no! They just go after it because they intuitively know it’s their right to do so and the universe ensures that there will always be enough.

Scarcity is a man-made creation in very sense of the word and serves no one.

4. Look at the good

Money is an AMAZING amplifier. So if someone’s greedy, rich, guess what, they were definitely greedy, poor!

I hear people say ‘money is the root of all evil’,  thats fine, that might be your belief but did you know the actually saying is ‘the LUST of money is the root of all evil’????

Anyway my point this…….. take a look around you, what or who do you know that can dispel that myth?

Oprah Winfrey let’s take her for example, how much has Oprah given over the years. How has she used her money to amplify good? What has she given by being rich and how has that made a difference?! Would she have still made the same impact had she been poor?

Think about it, when you use money to SERVE people,  it feels good right because energetically it’s used in a good way and that kind of loving has a ripple effect. Imagine the impact you could have from THIS perspective.

This is what spirituality is ALL about.


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