What’s a money block and how do I recognise them?

You may have heard me talk about Money Blocks, some of you know what this is, others are still scratching their heads trying to figure it out. Money blocks are sneaky….sometimes they’re obvious and all up in your face, other time times they’re a lot more subtle and not so obvious.

Truth be told, the majority of woman have them. In fact, I’d go so as to say 99.9% of women. If you feel fearful or anxious or scared or blocked or guilty or lacking around money… there’s a good chance…there’s a money block hiding way down there that you’re not really aware about.

Simple Simon terms….. a money block is an underlying, unhelpful belief that is attached to money, as I said it’s usually hidden but it shows up in many different ways. One thing I know to be true, is they’re the devil in disguise when it comes to increasing your income and bringing more money into your life. They’re like invisible little forces that collude together to sabotage all attempts to get ahead. It can be bloody exhausting! They can be self fulfilling prophecies!

However….. the great news is once you identify these little suckers, you can take back your financial super powers and work to overcome them, more easily than you probably think!

But first let’s have a look at the most common ones:

1. I don’t need much money I just want to help people (Girl! Why does it have to be this or that situation….can’t you have both?!)

2. It’s not right to make that much money when people are starving in the world (Is Oprah not the epitome of all the good that can be done and who can be helped when you have lots of money?!)

3.I can be successful or have a family but I can’t have both (Ooooo I can relate to this one…… I underearned for years to keep my man ‘around’)

4.Money doesn’t make you happy (No…no it doesn’t but you know what does…..experiences that can be bought with that money! Think holidays… weekly massages….expensive meals)

5. I don't deserve money or wealth – I see this so often in the women I work with. We are all deserving of love happiness and financial abundance, in fact I would go as far as to say it is our birth right. 

Working on these limiting beliefs is a constant work in progress and it's something that we need to continually work on over and over again.

Sometimes it's new level old devil as we scale our revenue and income.

Grab below my 10min money mantra which will help keep your mindset in check.


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