Thank you!

For your interest in being a guest on The Financially Fierce Females®️ podcast. 

So what is the Financially Fierce Females Podcast?

The podcast is aimed at women in business who are looking to build, grow and scale their business to be a highly profitable asset and build personal wealth. The mission is to help women in business unapologetcially make some serious money and create the life they truly desire! It is a mixture of solo and guest experts episodes to give the listeners amazing business and wealth insights, tips and strategies that they can takeaway and action. 

who am i?

I'm Dominique Mullally, a Business Growth Strategist & Consultant and founder of Financially Fierce Females, a financial empowerment brand. I am passionate about helping women build highly profitable businesses for scale or sale whilst creating financial independence and building their dream business and life. 

What you will need to record our episode


This is important for our audio quality. The in build microphone in headphones will be fine but microphone is preferred for audio quality.


To reduce the echo which may play out from computer speakers, headphones will be required for the recording.

Talking Points

To reduce the echo which may play out from computer speakers, headphones will be required for the recording.

Here's how the format of our episode will go


We'll have a chit chat before we hit record

Before we dive into recording the episode, we will have quick chat to connect and discuss topics of conversation or any areas you would like you focus in on. 


The episode will be conversational

I believe the most enjoyable podcast for listeners is when the conversations are fluid and casual. We will have our topics but we will allow the flow of a natural conversation to guide us. Episodes can be up to 45mins.   


You'll be asked the greatest advice you've ever been given - about life or business

This podcast is all about inspiring and motivating others to know what is possible! 

Podcast Promotion

Two weeks week prior to the release of your episode you will be sent an email with confirmation date of release of podcast episode and all promotion materials required to share with your audience and wider community.