Take the guesswork out of Pricing your Products and Services

Grab your complete, step-by-step toolkit with masterclasses, workbooks and calculators  to price your services, overcome your pricing mindset blocks, and avoid some of the biggest mistakes women in business make with pricing that COSTS THEM THOUSANDS each year!

You get all of this is inside the Price to Profit Toolkit:

Discover the 5 reasons you may be UNDER CHARGING in your business

Money mindset blocks are common for women in business. In this workshop and accompanying workbook you'll discover the REAL reason you may be undercharging in your business and how you can overcome this..

Pricing Strategies for your business

Discover the 3 most common pricing strategies in business and uncover the best one for you and your business to ensure your business is sustainable and profitable. 

Price to Profit Calculators and Workbooks

These workbooks and calculators will help you calculate the exact amount you need to be charging for your products and services to cover costs AND be profitable. It will also allow you to set the CORRECT revenue and financial goals for your business. 

BONUS: Successful Selling & Scripts

You'll find a selling script which you can use to help you create a structure for your sales calls giving you confidence to just follow a formulated plan.

BONUS: Financially Fierce Female Audio

This powerful 30 min hypnotherapy session recorded by me (don't worry I hold a Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy) will help you to rewire your mind to let go of those money and wealth blocks and step into your financially fierce self.

Here's what some people have had to say:

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Hey, I'm Dominique!

I'm a Profit and Wealth Strategist and founder of Financially Fierce Females.

The number 1 thing I see most of my clients struggle with (aside from knowing their numbers) is, having a pricing strategy.

Whether it's confidence in what they're charging or understanding in knowing what to charge, I see far too many amazing women leave money on the table.

This leads to them feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnout and at times resentful in their business because they are not seeing the financial rewards for all of the hard work blood, sweat and tears.

 If you've ever wondered what you should be charging, or lack the confidence to charge what you know you should be charging, then this toolkit is for you.

Don't forget to come follow me over on Instagram and let me know what you think! I can't wait to hear from you!

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