The mini course for service and product based businesses, that teaches you how to PRICE to PROFIT from your products and services allowing you to make MORE money and work LESS hours, confidently and comfortably!

So, what is the Price to Profit Toolkit?

It's a short, easy to implement digital toolkit which will help you to PRICE for your services or products (yes includes product based businesses too) to ensure YOU PROFIT in less than 2 hours!

Too low, and you may end up running your business at a loss and attracting customers purely on price, which can cost your more in time and money in the long run. Price too high, and you risk not attracting any customers at all.

It will help you map out your year in business to ensure you hit your 12 month Revenue goals and you get paid a SALARY AND PROFIT too, no more short changing yourself!

It will take you from confused and stressed doing all the things, to clear and focused in just under 2 hours with a clear action plan to achieve your financial goals.

It's a balancing act and you need a pricing strategy to help formulate your prices, giving you your basic break even costs and the confidence to demonstrate your value add to any customer or client.

The Price to Profit Toolkit helps you get the data to make fact driven decisions regarding your pricing so you can be confident both you and your customers profit too!

What you get inside...

Total value: $466

Your investment today ONLY $49

(Saving $417)

If you are working all the hours god sends and you're feeling burnout out and underpaid


You're not confidently discussing your prices or selling your services


You're paying yourself inconsistently


You've hit an income ceiling you cannot seem to break past


You're just sick and tired of there never being enough 

Then the Price to Profit Toolkit is perfect for you!

Hi, I'm Dominique Mullally, former Independent Financial Adviser, serial investor and  founder of Financially Fierce Females.

I take the money in my business very seriously, after all it is my accelerator to more wealth. Grab your Price to Profit Toolkit to ensure you are not financially short changing you or your business.

By the end of the short course, you'll have a clear financial plan in your business to achieve your revenue goals and ensure you get consistently paid what you WANT and deserve, your business expenses and tax obligations are covered, and your profit is planned. You'll have the confidence to discuss your costs (now you know your break even numbers) and you can accelerate your way to paying off debt, achieving your personal financial goals and accelerating your  personal wealth.

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Let's break down the content:



In this intro video I talk about the Price to Profit Toolkit and the importance of formulating a pricing strategy for your business and setting clear, specific, measurable financial goals. 



In this workshop and accompanying workbook  you'll discover the REAL reason you may be undercharging in your business and how you can overcome this. Money mindset blocks are the #1 reason  most women in business fail to accomplish their financial goals!



In this workshop and accompanying workbook you'll discover the 3 most common pricing strategies in business. You'll uncover the best one for you and your business to ensure your business is sustainable and profitable. 




These invaluable workbooks and calculators will help you calculate the exact amount you need to be charging for your products and services to cover costs (including your salary) AND be profitable. They will help you quickly identify your most profitable product/service to ensure the greatest return on investment (ROI).  It will also allow you to set the CORRECT revenue and financial goals for your business to ensure you aren't short-changing yourself!



So you've set your prices, now we want to ensure you can close the sale. Selling is serving but it's a skill we have to learn to master. You'll find a selling script which you can use to help you create a structure for your sales calls giving you confidence to just follow a formulated plan.



This powerful 30 min hypnotherapy session recorded by me (don't worry I hold a Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy) will help you to rewire your mind to let go of those money and wealth blocks and step into your financially fierce self so you can confidently and articulately state your prices and receive the money you deserve!


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Hey, I'm Dominique!

I'm a Profit and Wealth Strategist and founder of Financially Fierce Females. The number 1 thing I see most of my clients struggle with (aside from knowing their numbers) is, having a pricing strategy. Whether it's confidence in what they're charging or understanding in knowing what to charge, I see far too many amazing women leave money on the table. This leads to them feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burnout and at times resentful in their business because they are not seeing the financial rewards for all of the hard work blood, sweat and tears. If you've ever wondered what you should be charging, or lack the confidence to charge what you know you should be charging, then this toolkit is for you. Don't forget to come follow me over on Instagram and let me know what you think! I can't wait to hear from you!
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Here's what more people have had to say about the Price to Profit Toolkit say:

You get immediate access to the Price to Profit Toolkit which includes all workshops, calculators and workbooks as well as bonuses!

No this is a self study course but I have given you all the tools to work through this course easily and effortlessly.

Yes, I work with both service and product based (ecomm) businesses and there is a toolkit to accommodate each type of business. 

Absolutely! Once you have paid login details will be sent straight to your inbox. If you don't receive them please contact us at

You sure do AND any future updates that are made to the Price to Profit Toolkit, you will get for free!

I wanted to make this as easy and simple as possible to get you taking ACTION and seeing RESULTS so, this can be completed in under 2 hours.