“It’s not how much money you make, but how much you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Creating Wealth and Financial Independence is a conscious decision! Our business is one of the best investment vehicles we can use to do this but we weren’t taught this stuff! We weren’t taught how to maximise the opportunities in our business nor the money that came our way. It starts with the decision to become consciously aware, a roadmap and a strategy to ensure we’re on target for our financial goals and towards true Financial Independence.

Working together we get a clear line of sight of the money and wealth in your business, how to maximise profits and build business and personal wealth.

Prices to work 1-1 with Dominique start from £799




  • Clarity on your beliefs about money; Understanding what money and success means to you and getting clarity on the money thoughts and habits you are exhibiting consciously & unconsciously
  • Understanding your Financial Blueprint and establishing a new blueprint to set you up financially and build sustainable wealth.
  • Financial Plan; For the next 10 years.
  • Learn how to use your ‘earned’ income to build long term wealth
  • Financial Strategy; Track your spending, set up automated wealth building systems and implement investments
  • Debt Strategy – Identify and implement strategies to ditch debt in the most effective way
  • Identifying and maximising tax strategies to ensure you keep more of your hard earned cash.
  • and so much more!

What are Dominique’s client’s saying


‘Increase in £7.5K in one month and 400% increase in new clients’I was attracted to Dominique’s background and expertise as I felt that she was best suited to coach me on overcoming my money blocks. I loved the fact that there were small easy changes I could make that gave instant results as well as those changes which meant that it did not feel like I was depriving myself of anything, however, was in alignment with my ultimate financial goals. Making this small but significant change immediately shifted my mindset regarding my finances and my money goals.In addition to this Dominique gave me tools and techniques which I was able to take away and use to change my deep-rooted beliefs around money. Completing the exercises consistently daily, I saw a progressive change in my mindset regarding money and my beliefs around myself and my business. Getting to the root of my money blocks and consciously understanding them has greatly helped me shift my money mindset and for my first time in my life, I feel like I’m in control of my money as opposed to my money controlling me. I have seen a dramatic increase in the productivity and subsequent income into my business with a phenomenal £7.5K increase in one month, 400% increase in new clients and 200% in new business consultants joining my team.All thanks to Dominique. I cannot recommend her highly enough

Kate Bentley

Director of F & KB Productions and Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne

rebecca mccann

‘I appeared on BBC Breakfast Television, my business is global and my profits have doubled’Over the past 6 months my life has changed drastically, and I have been put into the spotlight of public speaking, press interviews and people having an uneducated opinion of me. For a long time I declined interviews but I it was holding me back from opportunities to grow my business and take it global.My business is now global and my profits have doubled. I am now taking more personal interviews, have appeared on BBC and QVC and am becoming a regular at giving speeches. I have this air of ‘I don’t care’ about me and I love it, which has allowed me to embrace every opportunity and my company has gone from strength to strength. That is thanks to Dominique and her fabulous skills she has embedded in me.Dominique, I thank you with all my heart.”

Rebecca McCann

CEO | Pro Blo Group


‘I gained 3 new clients, increased my income by 35% and shed 15lbs’Dominique helped me to shed toxic, limiting beliefs about my money and my worth which has resulted in a new model for my business, three new paying clients from validation calls alone and a 35% increase in my quarterly income while working LESS time every week. The ripple effects from our work together have also directly impacted my clients. It's manifested in things like an NBC feature for one of my clients and a win at a film festival with an award of $10,000 for another, all because I was suddenly able to step out of an ill-conceived comfort zone and show up for myself and my clients in bolder ways.And without directly trying to, our work together actually helped me to shed 15 lbs. Never would have expected that when I enlisted her help but when you tackle something like limiting beliefs about your self-worth you can't help but feel the effects in every corner of your life.All this to tell you that this work really, truly, does have an incredible impact on your life when you let it and it's awesome that we know and have Dominque to spread some of this fierce wisdom around!

Madison Sorrentino

Acting Coach