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'Dominique is the Finance Wizard'

Dominique is the Finance Wizard. She has a unique ability to take complex subjects and break them down into easy to understand, actionable steps that get you looking and thinking about wealth creation in a whole different way. I love the program and am STILL going back to the materials, months later. 

Suzy Ashworth – Hay House  author & Quantum Coach

'from bankrupt and broke to 7 figures in 3 years'

Dominique was one of the first people I invested in when I realised something had to change in my life.

I was recovering from a very public business failure, I was bankrupt and desperate – but I knew there was a solution.

I did Dominique's challenge and then took her course and can honestly it was the catalyst to my whole life changing and going from bankrupt and broke to 7 figures in 3 years.

Dominique helped me understand the blocks I held around money and success, and how to remove them – she works in a way that mixes her financial advisor background with mindset work, that identifies the issues and helps you move past them for good.

I cannot recommend working with her enough – she is just the right mix of tough love and woo-woo that makes you believe, maybe you actually CAN do this! Do it, you won't regret it

Amanda Perry  – Founder & CEO  Soup Agency

'For the first time, been able to take a six figure income from my business'

So last year I decided to move house, wanted to buy the next kind of level up. It
meant actually getting a really good handle on my money and taking my personal
income to the next level.  So I joined Dominique's programme finally, after five
years of knowing her, joined her programme, the Women of Wealth Accelerator, so
that I could do that. I have to tell you, the position I'm in now is completely
different, so different.

For the first time, been able to take a six figure
income from my business. So many times in my industry you'll hear people
saying, “I've got a six figure business.” It doesn't mean you've got
a six figure income. I wanted to have that. I wanted to have that income so I
could do whatever I wanted to do and to have that dream home.

Now, I'm going to share a with you that I'm not particularly
comfortable with sharing, but I'm sharing this with you because I know there
are so many people out there who are probably in a similar situation. I went
through a divorce early this year and it was the hardest, hardest thing I've
ever had to go through. But I hands down tell you, it was made easier because I
was in a really strong financial situation. I now own my own home all for me. I
have investments, I have pension set up. I have savings, more savings than I've
ever had. I have zero debt and it's all because Dominique taught me how to
apply my business mindset to my wealth. So actually, just has been the most
amazing journey but I'm sharing this with you because people say that money
doesn't matter. Money does matter. Money matters in so many huge ways. There's
no shame in not knowing how to make it work better for you.

So I can't recommend it enough. I'm going to be going back
through the programme myself. I'm so excited to do it. She is amazing, her
programme is amazing. What she teaches is absolutely game-changing. For me to
be on the other side of what was a really upsetting part of my life, to be so
independent, living in the house that I own, bought my dream car, I've got
investments and all those things that I never even knew were possible for
someone like me. You can do it too and I hope you join.

So, I'm excited for you. I'm excited for what's ahead because it truly will change your whole life. Dominique, I love you.

Laura Phillips – Launch Strategist and Founder of Love to Launch™️

'I now have a business that’s creating a minimum of 50% profit’

I've always found it relatively easy to create revenue in my business and thought I was pretty savvy around it. But working with Dominique made me realise how little I actually understood about creating true wealth.

Dominique showed me how to structure my business finances to create more profit that I could then take out of the business and use to build personal wealth through other investments.

With Dominique's guidance I now have a business that’s creating a minimum of 50% profit, I have a profit account that’s growing nicely and I have a detailed roadmap of the exact revenue I need to create inside the business, to be able to take it out and do two huge things that are on our list to build personal wealth:

🌟 Renovate our home (this is a big investment, but the result will be phenomenal).

🌟Build a retreat space on our land and a second business.

Honestly, none of those things I thought were possible in the timeframe Dominique has created, but it really is.

She's full of integrity and a shining light in a confusing, male dominated world.

Gemma Went  – Conscious Business Mentor Subconscious Transformation Coach and Founder of Lighthouse Academy™️

'Opened a new business which has turned over close to 6 figures AND my dividend payment from that business in Year 1 is at least 60K'

Around 18 months ago I had a wake up call that although I was bringing in the revenue I wasn't taking home as much money as I wanted (I pay myself a salary and dividends) and I was in my personal overdraft for a lot of the month..

After doing a lot of work on myself and my beliefs I came across Dominque  we had been friends for a while on facebook and I booked a ticket to her workshop in Birmingham.

We than met in person in Toronto and my decision was secured – I wanted her to help me change my behaviours around money so I was building wealth rather than merely paying off my personal overdraft each month!

I signed up to her program off the back of the workshop in September and since then:

🌟 Opened a new business which has turned over close to 6 figures AND my dividend payment from that business in Year 1 is at least £60K

🌟Increased my pension contributions from my first business (I take my salary from this business)

🌟 Increased the profit in my coaching business which means I will also be able to take a dividend from this business in 2020/21

🌟Paid off all of my personal debt and now rarely use my overdraft

🌟Opened two ISA accounts which I contribute to every month

In short: my finances are in a completely different place: both businesses are thriving financially AND personally we are secure.

I had the income BUT I wasn't spending it in the best way and my decisions were not always from a financially sound base.

I have been so impressed by Dominique she has spoken to my mastermind AND I am partnering with her on her next launch (which is coming up). Everyone needs to know about this and building wealth is a big thing.

(disclaimer – Dominique is someone I now call a friend too – I love her)

Ruth Kudzi – Business Coach and Founder of Optimus Coach Academy™️

‘Increase in 7.5K in one month and 400% increase in new clients’

I was attracted to Dominique’s background and expertise as I felt that she was best suited to coach me on overcoming my money blocks. I loved the fact that there were small easy changes I could make that gave instant results as well as those changes which meant that it did not feel like I was depriving myself of anything however was in alignment with my ultimate financial goals. Making this small but significant change immediately shifted my mindset regarding my finances and my money goals.

In addition to this Dominique gave me tools and techniques which I was able to take away and use to change my deep rooted beliefs around money. Completing the exercises consistently daily, I saw a progressive change in my mindset regarding money and my beliefs around myself and my business. Getting to the root of my money blocks and consciously understanding them has greatly helped me shift my money mindset and for my first time in my life I feel like I’m in control of my money as oppose to my money controlling me. I have seen a dramatic increase in the productivity and subsequent income into my business with a phenomenal £7.5K increase in one month, 400% increase in new clients and 200% in new business consultants joining my team. All thanks to Dominique. I cannot recommend her highly

Kate Bentley -Director of F & KB Productions and National Vice President with Arbonne
rebecca mccann

'I appeared on BBC Breakfast Television and QVC, my business is global and my profits have doubled'

Over the past 6 months my life has changed drastically, and I have been put into the spotlight of public speaking, press interviews and people having an uneducated opinion of me. For a long time I declined interviews but I it was holding me back from opportunities to grow my business and take it global.

My business is now global and my profits have doubled. I am now taking more personal interviews, have appeared on BBC and QVC and am becoming a regular at giving speeches. I have this air of ‘I don’t care’ about me and I love it, which has allowed me to embrace every opportunity and my company has gone from strength to strength. That is thanks to Dominique and her fabulous skills and profit strategies she has embedded in me.

Dominique, I thank you with all my heart

Rebecca McCann – Founder & CEO of Pro Blo™️ and Sleep London™️

‘ncreasing profitability by 10% over the next 4 months and that's huge for the bottom line in my business’

Dominique is another level when it comes to shrewdly looking at one's finances and seeing the gaps straight away. It was exactly what I needed and can clearly see scaling model I need to fund my bigger dreams. 

In just one session Dominique found my financial gaps and challenged me on my pricing. It means increasing profitability by 10% over the next 4 months and that's huge for the bottom line in my business. In addition she's challenged my ‘new business' approach and broke it down where I'm missing out on extra income. This in itself has been an eye opener – seeing figures in black and white does that to you 🙂 She's been an extra pair of (very shrewd if I may say) eyes on my business that I very much needed. If you're wondering if the session is really worth the investment, I'll say this: it paid back for itself 3 times over within first 2 weeks!

If you are have this voice in the back of your head ‘I should learn more about money or at least my own money' don't hesitate to go with Dominique – she's quality.

Aleks Certa -FB Ad's Strategist

'We managed to save a whopping 30K for a deposit AND an extra 10K for all the furnishings'

Hey Dominique, I just wanted to pop in here to say a huge thank you to you and your wonderful course.

I have completely got on top of my finances and today my partner and I have become home owners for the first time.

That in itself is exciting, but what's more exciting is that due to your teaching we managed to save a whopping £30,000 for a deposit AND an extra £10,000 for all the furnishings.

I would never have thought this possible before your course because of the money story I was carrying around from my childhood.

So just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you to you. I am so bloody grateful you came along at the right time 🙂

Much love xx

Louise O'Leary – Founder and Artistic Director at StandBy Acting Studio

'We are on target to meet our ambitious financial targets.'

I met Dominique when I was having challenges costing some of our services for IP.

Without even knowing us she was very generous in sharing her experience (without even discussing charges).

Having had such a positive experience with her and it being clear how expert she was in the field I booked a 1 day VIP session.

It was fantastic, having an objective expert to look over the company finances (and even our own family finances) and offer guidance, insight and a fresh perspective.

The day was not only invaluable it was also enjoyable. Even after the session 48hrs later I had a full financial strategy plan sent to me which detailed everything we had discussed, with a monthly tracker and a number of other helpful tools.

6 months later I’m happy to say that we’ve implemented almost all of the strategies we discussed and are on target to meet our ambitious financial targets.

Dominique is clearly an expert in her field, sought after by corporate financial bodies.

We’re lucky that with such experience she feels called to work with the entrepreneurial market.

But beyond her experience she’s just the type of person you want more of in your life.

She’s centred, wise and challenging in equal measure. She sees the bigger picture and understands and works with you not just on the numbers but on the holistic vision you have for your life. If you don’t have one, she’ll be sure to help you craft one.

Thank you Dominique!

Jodie Rogers – Author of The Hidden Edge: Why Mental Fitness is the only advantage that matters in business and Founder of Symbia™️ – Leadership Coaching

'Every woman needs this level of freedom in her life’

I feel SO empowered after my sessions with Dominique!

After only one call, I am clear, focused and feeling in control of my money for the first time ever.

Every £ is allocated and has a direction and instead of feeling anxious about getting myself into a financial mess I feel clearer than ever.

Every woman needs this level of freedom in her life.

Thank you Dominique, our session was a total game changer for me.

Laura Husson  – Transformational Coach and Founder of The Shift Method™️

' I generated 20x more money than I had the month before working with Dominique and had my first ever multiple 5 figure month'

I’ll never be able to find the words to explain just how amazing Dominique is!

I stumbled across one of her Money Mindset challenges and signed up because I knew I had a few blocks with regards to money and wealth. It was honestly the best decision I’ve made because her course honestly changed my life!

Dominique is the queen on unraveling money blocks! She knows exactly how to identify your limiting beliefs and eliminate them. I had been struggling to consistently generate high amounts of money despite knowing that my business had the potential to do so. On the challenge I’d signed up for, Dominique worked her magic and after just a few days I had generated more in 1 day, than I had in a month!

I knew I needed to continue working with her when the challenge ended so I signed up to a month long course and my goodness – things really started to shift!

The month after I had finished this course, I generated 20x more money than I had the month before working with Dominique and had my first ever multiple 5 figure month! I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I knew releasing limiting beliefs was powerful but I never imagined how much it would transform me and my business.

If you want to succeed and know that you have more potential than you seem able to achieve – do no even hesitate about working with Dominique! It will change your life!

Stacey Kelly- Early Years Story Books

Madison testimonial

'I gained 3 new clients, increased my income by 35% and shed 15lbs'

Dominique helped me to shed toxic, limiting beliefs about my money and my worth which has resulted in a new model for my business, three new paying clients from validation calls alone and a 35% increase in my quarterly income while working LESS time every week.

The ripple effects from our work together have also directly impacted my clients. It's manifested in things like an NBC feature for one of my clients and a win at a film festival with an award of $10,000 for another, all because I was suddenly able to step out of an ill-conceived comfort zone and show up for myself and my clients in bolder ways.

And without directly trying to, our work together actually helped me to shed 15 lbs. Never would have expected that when I enlisted her help but when you tackle something like limiting beliefs about your self-worth you can't help but feel the effects in every corner of your life.

All this to tell you that this work really, truly, does have an incredible impact on your life when you let it and it's awesome that we know and have Dominque to spread some of this fierce wisdom around!

Madison Sorrentino  – Brading Coach

'I left more clear and excited to move forward with growing my portfoliod'

I booked a session with Dominique to discuss investment strategies as I had recently opened up a Vanguard account and wanted some support and guidance on the best way to maximise my assets and grow my wealth!

It was a great session and I left more clear and excited to move forward with growing my portfolio!

Noor Hibbert – Author of Just F*cking Do It & Business and Life Coach

'my business has grown considerably’

Dominique’s strategy sessions are always impactful.

We caught up last year and she helped me to focus my energy in a really targeted way to the right areas.

Since then, my business has grown considerably.

In our most recent strategy session, I was at a new crossroads, with different opportunities and avenues ahead.

Although I’d already put a fair bit of brain power to it, Dominique shone a light into the key information I needed and we worked out a path that feels aligned to what I want – and makes excellent financial sense.

I’m excited to see where the next 6-12 months lead!

I’d recommend a strategy session with Dominique without hesitation.

Moira Fuller   – Business Coach and Founder of Craftiosity™️

'I paid off 30% of my debts, and have created manageable payment plans that will clear the rest within one year.’

When I first thought about signing up for WOWA can you guess what was holding me back? Yep, the investment!

Despite my fear – I knew it was the right move. I'd recently gone through some big shifts in both my work and my personal life, and I felt like the financial stability I'd worked so hard to establish was in pieces! I had a bonus call with Dominique before we started, and that session alone was a game-changer. She provided me with so many small, practical power moves I could start making straight away, helping me feel way more in control (and way less afraid of) my finances.

WOWA itself was wonderful, both in the way it was structured and in the results it created for me. I loved that there was a blend of deep money mindset work, non-nonsense money management, and inspiring wealth creation. My favourite part? The shelf life is eternal! I know that I can dive back in every time I'm ready to work on the next level of my finances – money work is a lifelong drama and Dominique really does make sure you're covered! I could write essays for you, but here are some of the specific wins I experienced as a result of WOWA:

  • I hired a bookkeeper and assistant to handle the day-to-day admin of my business finances.
  • I switched out every single one of my household bills, saving around £340 every month
  • I had some money conversations with people who owed me money (that I'd been avoiding because AWKWARD) and agreed payment plans with them.
  • I paid off 30% of my debts, and have created manageable payment plans that will clear the rest within one year.
  • I created a fun fund! This has changed everything for me – knowing that saving and paying down debts does not mean putting myself on austerity measures.
  • I designed a fun, expansive money ritual for myself, so that I can check in with my finances every single week and have it feel like a treat, instead of a panicky “should”.
  • I paid my full tax bill 6 months early.
  • I built up an emergency fund, which has taken *a lot* of the financial pressure off of me, meaning I've been able to reduce my work hours and prioritise my health.
  • I cannot stress this enough: no matter where you are with your finances, and your relationship with money, you will benefit from working with Dominique and participating in WOWA

    Daire Paddy  – Brain & Biz Coach

    'I have opened a second location of my brick and mortar pet supply store, and currently in the process of opening a kitchen for pets'

    Working with Dominique has truly changed my life.

    I always felt that I was confident around money, but during the money mindset course I was taught so many more skills, and mindset blockages were removed that I didn't even know that I had around money and growth.

    Since completing the course, I have opened a second location of my brick and mortar pet supply store, and currently in the process of opening a kitchen for pets.

    In the middle of a pandemic, I know I can grow and be successful.

    The tools I was given and taught by Dominique has propelled me to become a more successful entrepreneur and powerful woman.

    I am confident, abundant, and I will always have more than enough.

    Renee Hamilton  – Founder & CEO  Chew That

    'Literally, more money in my pocket because I was able to see how I could take money out of my business, where I could be taking money out my business, where I'll be investing money back into my business'

    I think one of the mistakes that sometimes we make as business owners and entrepreneurs, is thinking that knowing our numbers and looking at our money and all that stuff is something that we need to do, after we've made quite a lot of money. When I first learned about Dominique's programme and saw all the things that she was going to be covering in it, it was a no-brainer really, for me to realise that actually, I needed to be working on that stuff now. If I wanted to grow and I wanted to scale, then the sorts of things that Dominique was teaching were exactly the sorts of things that I needed to get to grips with right now in my business, if I wanted to take things to the next level.

    That was a unexpected bonus for me, that I wasn't sort of thinking that it was going to have that halo effect, but it was, but that's been really helpful. It's also not just something that is valuable at the time you're going through it. These are tools that have set me up for good in my business, to understand my financial position. Every time you get to a new level, the material is there for you to come back to and to think about in different ways. It's really valuable in that sense, that it's actually a really long-term set of tools to be using. It's informed how I've made decisions in my business, because obviously once I know, not just about my numbers, but how to be thinking about, my profit margins and my tax and my investments and all those kinds of things.

                   The knock-on effect of that is, literally, more money in my pocket because I was able to see how I could take money out of my business, where I could be taking money out my business, where I'll be investing money back into my business. The practical implications of that was literally, “Oh, I can see where I can take money out.” That's been, that's actually had a benefit, a tangible benefit in my day-to-day life in a personal sense and in a business sense, because it's shown me where I can invest, where I can invest to grow, and then where I can have money to spend for myself, which has been amazing. I think those decisions obviously, are the things that help you step out of your comfort zone.

    That's where you grow as a business owner because you don't grow when you're comfortable and you don't grow when you don't, not take risks exactly, although there is a little element of that, but just to push yourself. But to know that you have that foundational knowledge of how your numbers stack up, is incredibly useful. The really brilliant thing about Dominique's programme, was not just the learning, not just the information, but how she delivered it and how she coached through. I had a couple of brilliant occasions. There was lots of opportunities for coaching in there, but a couple of really specific times when I was coming with a question or an issue that was, that the learning was throwing up for me, and that she coached me through that and helped me see a different perspective and helped me reframe it.

    It all came together in this really brilliant way, of being more knowledgeable about my figures, which made me feel much more empowered about my business growth, taking better decisions that have helped me to grow and just to have really, really brilliant coaching and support. It was a no- brainer before I even signed up, because when I saw what she was offering, I was like, “Yeah, I need that.” It just far exceeded my expectations and would really, really recommend it.

                   It's about realising that you take yourself and your business seriously. Honestly, there's no better person to help you do that, Dominique. It might be serious, but that doesn't mean she doesn't make it fun, because it was a really lovely experience and she's an absolute joy to work with. Totally, totally recommend it, and I hope it takes you to some amazing places in your business

    Jessica Killingley- Publishing Consultant & Literary Agent

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