Training Topics

Below is an overview of some of the most popular training topics:

How to Create a Powerful Leadership Brand

How do your employees respond when you are not around? What do they know you have come to expect in terms of their behaviours? In this training, we teach you how to create a powerful leadership brand which allows you to deeper connect and communicate values to amplify influence. 

The Art of Influential Conversations

Communication is the cornerstone of influence. In this training, we teach you how to master the art of communication to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and performance.

How to Amplify Your Sales

In a ‘Connection Economy' such as today the high performers have high EQ. In this training, we take you through the 3 pivotal requirements to amplify and accelerate your sales results. 

Managing Performance for Change

How do you manage the performance of your team for change? In this training we teach you how to influence your team and change behaviours to drive performance.

Mastering Influence and Confidence

True  leadership is a process of social influence but HOW do you do that? In this training, we teach you the art of influence to improve performance or sales to impact results. 

The Art of Articulating Value

71% of sales leaders report that their sales teams struggle in articulating the value of their product or service. In this training, we teach you how to connect to your values and use storytelling to demonstrate value. 

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