My Story - Financial Advisor to Wealth Strategist

I'm often asked why I became a Wealth Coach and Strategist after years of being an Independent Financial Adviser.

Let me share my story with you...

Creating wealth, is strategy! Having a business that can facilitate and accelerate that growth, is an asset. It's that simple but no one teaches us this. I am on a personal mission to share this with as many women as I can.

Financial freedom is something most of us aspire to, without truly understanding just how close within our reach it really is. 

See I know, having worked with many clients, and having achieved financial independence for myself, that creating wealth and aspiring to financial freedom is about getting intentional and intimate with the money we receive into our business and into our life. 

Why is it that we're usually the last to get paid instead of the first? Because it's not about what you make, it's about what you keep.

My mission is to help empower female entrepreneurs to develop the mindset, the systems AND the strategies to grow their revenue, increase profits and use that to build REAL WEALTH so they can live a life by design and not by default!

When you choose me as your Wealth Coach and Strategist you gain the benefit of 10 years in the Finance Industry, my background as Financial Adviser, and my further education in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Hypnotherapy.

I have helped hundreds, use the same strategies I have used for myself, to create a roadmap for Financial Independence, take full control of their finances and move from simply surviving to ultimately thriving.

Dominique Mullally

Why I Do This Work


Most people work hard in their jobs or businesses, they invest their time, money, blood, sweat and tears for very little return. Showing my clients how to maximise their cashflow, save without feeling deprived, clear debt and invest their money to make more of it, to help achieve holistic wealth, financially, spiritually and emotionally, is a top priority for me and my clients.


Serving…is deserving! Adding value enriches not only the lives of others but our own lives. My commitment to all my clients is that they are paid the value they bring and they get paid FIRST not last!
I love nothing more than seeing Financially Empowered women!


I know for most, numbers aren’t sexy, money can be emotional, and maths can be a headache, but making money should be a turn on….yes…trust me! Cashflow is the lifeblood of building wealth, but it must be planned for!
Building the foundations of wealth is a conscious choice… planning and strategizing ensures peace of mind and allows you more time to spend with family, friends and loved ones experiencing life to it’s fullest and living it on your terms!


I Work


I deep dive into your thoughts, behaviours and habits around money and finances to understand what you do and why you do it, where the gaps are and how you may be holding yourself back.

I get a clear understanding of your current financial situation, personal or business, and your big financial goals.


Failing to plan is planning to fail! After doing my analysis, creating a strategy and finding where the money is and where it’s going, I set about creating a roadmap to your financial future and building sustainable wealth. This is all about planning to create real, tangible results!


Each session you will have specific actions to work towards your personal financial roadmap. I hold you accountable to YOUR plan and roadmap to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

Dominique Mullally - Wealth Coach
So are you ready to create your financial independence plan?

These are the keys to achieving your Financial Success and Independence.

Schedule your strategy session with Dominique.

Who I Love To Work With

Coachable action takers;

Driven, committed individuals who are ready to master money and take it to the next level;

Results-driven, time conscious clients;

Are financially stable (you have a steady income or inherited monies);

Those who are serious about building a profitable, sustainable business and/or creating wealth rather than get quick rich or flash in the plan strategies;

Those who are passionate about self-awareness, personal and spiritual growth and financial education.


Dominique Mullally

Financially Empowered, Unapologetically Successful

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