Women of Wealth Accelerator


Are you ready to create Financial Security AND build Wealth?


Money skills is something we're not taught. 

Most business owners are missing out on the biggest accelerator to financial independence.

No one teaches us the most important components to building wealth:

I know. I know!

You're working LONG hours, you're working HARD, you're doing ALL THE THINGS things you are supposed to be doing BUT you're just NOT SEEING the financial rewards you should be.

It's EITHER -Your riding the cycle of FEAST and FAMINE. Your partner hardly sees you. You kids are fed up. Boundaries, what are they?  The thought of tackling your finances scares you and wealth creation… huh what is that?!

OR You're working really hard. You're making all this money but you're wondering WHERE IS IT ALL GOING? You have DEBTS and nice things but NOTHING OF REAL VALUE to show for all your hard work!

Revenue is never a true reflection of the success of a business but it's what so many focus on!


Now, imagine your business is extremely profitable, your bank accounts are flush and you have started building assets to buy your freedom?


It is all absolutely possible!
You don't have to sit in shame or fear and try to figure it out no more....


WOWA as it is affectionately known is a live 12 week coaching program which will show you how to maximise the money in your business and leverage it to accomplish your financial goals. It covers the mindset, profit and asset building strategies of creating wealth using your business. It is the a-z on how to make, keep and grow your money both in and out of the business.

It will transform your relationship with money, secure your Financial Foundations and actually put you on path to Financial Independence and Freedom.

Times are changing...

Covid19 has highlighted more than ever the need for financial security.

It's a risky business…quite literally relying on just one source of income. It's an asset which has the capacity to produce unlimited income however we need to ensure all our eggs are not in just one basket. And even when they are, they're not broken!

Let's be honest…most businesses owners spin a lot of plates and from sales, to marketing, to content creation, to social media, it's exhausting. That's nothing new but they're left feeling they need to work HARDER to get more MONEY. Thinking…I need more clients. I need to sell more products. I need to create ‘another thing'!

Truth is it's about working SMARTER not harder. It's not what you're making, it's what your keeping. And with the money you're keeping knowing how to grow it so it serves  you and your family way beyond just the business. 

Our business is an asset, but it's just one asset from which we receive revenue income. What happens though when we're not taking care of that income? Our business generates our personal income so stability is key. We talk about the power of diversification in financial planning world and this is key to creating financial security and putting on that path way to wealth. 

We can never control the economy or the markets in which our businesses serve but we can however control our financials and ensure that we are putting ourselves in the best positions financially to weather any storms. 

The Women of Wealth Accelerator can help you do that!

Here's what you get in Women of Wealth Accelerator...

12 week program to learn & create a personalised wealth strategy

This program is like no other! You will be stepped through every stage of ensuring you create solid financial foundations to ensure upon which you can build a profitable sustainable business. You will learn key wealth strategies to implement straight away to put you on the path to Financial Independence and Freedom.

Weekly coaching & recordings

Every week on a Wednesday you can join a live group coaching call with Dominique. The live coaching calls are there to help you go deeper on the training and to answer all your individual questions so you are making huge leaps forward every week. This is your chance to your strategies reviewed and challenges solved fast!

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Calculators, spreadsheets & trackers

You'll get all the calculators, spreadsheets, trackers and recommendations for apps and software to get your financials in order and keep you on track for your financial goals. What we focus on expands so we want to get you focused on your numbers and have the clarity to make those decisions easily and from a strategical position in your business.

We go through the 4 stages of Wealth Acceleration...

#1 accelerator: crystalise

In this phase we look to the future to identify your big goals, your whys and your drivers. We take time to understand our real values to understand our behaviours with money, to change them.

We take a look at your wealth mindset to identify your triggers and limitations to driving that revenue and wealth in your life

We get clarity on your current financial situation, no more guesswork! No more wondering, where did the money go. We calculate the EXACT number you need to cover all costs in your business, be profitable and achieve your financial goals!

#2 accelerator - stabilise

In this phase we look to implement and introduce your game changing money systems to stop the overspending and adhoc withdrawals. This is about ensuring consistent salary, cashflow and profits with the revenue your business generates.

This the stage where we will start to built out the strategies that bring peace of mind and create financial security across the business and your personal life too. 

We also dig deep into your business model. We review your pricing strategies to ensure profit margins are in alignment with targeted financial goals!

#3 accelerator - customise

In this phase, now we've stabilised your financials, we look at identifying and maximising your most profitable assets in your business a to allow for leveraging. We ensure your business model is supportive of your desire for growth.  

We understand how to customise the assets in your business to allow for wealth acceleration and creating a strategy for your financial goals. 

#4 accelerator - monitise

In this phase, this is the most exciting phase, this is where we look at monetising your business to leverage for personal wealth. 

We look at some of the key strategies for wealth creation including debt repayment, tax minimisation, investment building through stocks, and your pensions. 

This is the most fun stage out of all of them!

And to sweeten the deal we've added these epic bonuses...

wealth mindset course (Value £497)

Whilst we cover mindset in Women of Wealth Accelerator, it is not our primary focus as this course is mainly about the strategies of wealth. However, I have got you covered if you want to do the much deeper work. This 6 week wealth mindset course will allow you the capacity  to really dig deep and unlock and overcome those limiting wealth beliefs once and for all.


In this special masterclass we'll  dive into Tax Strategies with Tax Consultant and serial entrepreneur Jo Simpson. Jo will chat with us about tax strategies to maximise your money and why you need to be implementing them into your business and life now. 

And if you pay in FULL you'll get this super sweet bonus...

In this very special Masterclass we'll be joined by Millionaire property investor and coach, Emma Jones. In 2014 Emma left her corporate marketing career to work in property full time. She has bought, sourced and sold over 100 properties in South Wales. Emma built her dream portfolio and now has 2 pubs, HMO’s and single lets worth more than £3million. We will cover:

New ways of buying that you might not have discovered yet

The best strategies for cashflow and income

Problem solving, buying and selling for profit

Working with other peoples money, time and skills

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So let's talk about who WOWA is for...

WOWA IS for you if:

WOWA is NOT for you if:

The Women of Wealth Accelerator allows for..

Greater profits

Confidence with money

More time freedom

More cash in bank

Assets outside business

Working smarter not harder

Repayment of debt

Financial security & peace of mind

Our WOWA success stories are incredible...

""To be so independent, living in the house that I own, bought my dream car, I've got investments and all those things that I never even knew were possible for someone like me".

 I now own my own home all for me. I have investments, I have pension set up. I have savings, more savings than I've ever had. I have zero debt and it's all because Dominique taught me how to apply my business mindset to my wealth. People say that money doesn't matter. Money does matter. Money matters in so many huge ways. There's no shame in not knowing how to make it work better for you

Laura Phillips - Launch Strategist
Ruth Kudzi - Business Coach

I had the income BUT I wasn't spending it in the best way and my decisions were not always from a financially sound base. I signed up to her program off the back of the workshop in September and since then:

Opened a new business which has turned over close to 6 figures,AND my dividend payment from that business in Year 1 is at least £60K

Increased my pension contributions from my first business (I take my salary from this business.)

Increased the profit in my coaching business which means I will also be able to take a dividend from this business in 2020/2021

Paid off all of my personal debt and now rarely use my overdraft

Opened 2 ISA accounts which I contribute to every month

In short: my finances are in a completely different place: both businesses are thriving
financially AND personally we are secure. 

Daire Paddy - Mindset & Business Coach

When I first thought about signing up for WOWA can you guess what was holding me back? Yep, the investment! Despite my fear – I knew it was the right move.

WOWA itself was wonderful, both in the way it was structured and in the results it created for me.

I loved that there was a blend of money mindset work, non-nonsense money management, and inspiring wealth creation. My favourite part? The shelf life is eternal! I could write essays for you, but here are some of the specific wins I experienced as a result of WOWA:

I hired a bookkeeper and assistant to handle the day-to-day admin of my business finances.

I created an extra £340 every month in personal income with a few key strategies

I had some money conversations with people who owed me money (that I'd been avoiding because AWKWARD) and agreed payment plans with them.

I paid off 30% of my debts, and have created manageable payment plans that will clear the rest within one year.

I started having fun with money! This has changed everything for me – knowing that saving and paying down debts does not mean putting myself on austerity measures.

I designed a fun, expansive money ritual for myself, so that I can check in with my finances every single week and have it feel like a treat, instead of a panicky “should”.

I paid my full tax bill 6 months early.

I built up an emergency fund, which has taken *a lot* of the financial pressure off of me, meaning I've been able to reduce my work hours and prioritise my health.

 I cannot stress this enough: no matter where you are with your finances, and your relationship with money, you will benefit from working with Dominique and participating in WOWA.

Get started today for only £497...


£ 1297
One off (incl VAT) *Save £194
  • One time payment

Payment Plan

£ 497
Month (incl VAT)
  • 3 x £497 monthly payments

NEW Payment Plan

£ 129
70 Month (incl VAT)
  • 12 x £129.70 monthly payments

Here's some more amazing success stories...

Suzy Ashworth - Mindset & Business Coach

Dominique is the Finance Wizard. She has a
unique ability to take complex subjects and break them down into easy to
understand, actionable steps that get you looking and thinking about wealth
creation in a whole different way. 

I love the WOWA program and am STILL going back
to the materials, months later

Gemma Went - Business & Mindset Mentor

I've always found it relatively easy to create revenue in my business and thought I was pretty savvy around it. But working with Dominique made me realise how little I actually understood about creating true wealth.

Dominique showed me how to structure my business finances to create more profit that I could then take out of the business and use to build personal wealth through other investments.

The result? My profit margins have shot up to 50%, my profit pot is building and I'm making plans to make big home renovations and build our retreat space ready for our second business.

She's full of integrity and a shining light in a confusing, male dominated world.

Jessica Killingley - Agent & Book Strategist

I think one of the mistakes that sometimes we make as business owners and entrepreneurs, is thinking that knowing our numbers and looking at our money and all that stuff is something that we need to do, after we've made quite a lot of money. When I first learned about Dominique's programme and saw all the things that she was going to be covering in it, it was a no-brainer really, for me to realise that actually, I needed to be working on that stuff now. If I wanted to grow and I wanted to scale, then the sorts of things that Dominique was teaching were exactly the sorts of things that I needed to get to grips with right now in my business, if I wanted to take things to the next level.

The stuff that I learned from Dominique made me able to have much more informed, much more helpful conversations with my accountant, moving forward. I was able to ask the right questions.

The other thing that was really, really helpful for me was, it isn't just about business finances. That was a key thing, but it actually prompted conversations for me to have with my partner and to think about our personal investments and really digging into why, what's the point of the money. What's it for? Where are we going with it? What do we want to use it for as a family, which then really helps, I think, how you motivate yourself to take action within your business, because you have that clear sense of what it's for.

These are tools that have set me up for good in my business, to understand my financial position. Every time you get to a new level, the material is there for you to come back to and to think about in different ways. It's really valuable in that sense, that it's actually a really long-term set of tools to be using. It's informed how I've made decisions in my business, because obviously once I know, not just about my numbers, but how to be thinking about, my profit margins and my tax and my investments and all those kinds of things.

The knock-on effect of that is, literally, more money in my pocket because I was able to see how I could take money out of my business, where I could be taking money out my business, where I'll be investing money back into my business. The practical implications of that was literally, “Oh, I can see where I can take money out.” That's been, that's actually had a benefit, a tangible benefit in my day-to-day life in a personal sense and in a business sense, because it's shown me where I can invest, where I can invest to grow, and then where I can have money to spend for myself, which has been amazing. I think those decisions obviously, are the things that help you step out of your comfort zone.

It's about realising that you take yourself and your business seriously. Honestly, there's no better person to help you do that, Dominique. It might be serious, but that doesn't mean she doesn't make it fun, because it was a really lovely experience and she's an absolute joy to work with. Totally, totally recommend it, and I hope it takes you to some amazing places in your business.


Most frequent questions and answers

The program begins on Tuesday 01st September with the first coaching call being on Wednesday 02nd September. A new module is released each week.

You have 7 days from date of purchase to request a full refund if you decide that you do not wish to proceed with this coaching program. After this time, no refunds will be allowed. 

Only VIP's will get private coaching twice a month but there is plenty of opportunity to be coached by Dominique on our group calls. You will get plenty of support as you go through the program rest assured 

If you working hard but not seeing the financial rewards. If you are making money in your business but can't seem to keep it. If you are spinning in circles and feeling exhausted.

Or you just want to maximise profits and learn how to build personal wealth….. WOWA is for you.  Have a look at some of the success stories to understand how it may help you.

Not at all and this is something else I will teach you. You don't need lots of money to get started on the path to wealth creation. 

If this is the case then you are in EXACTLY the right place! WOWA gives you the confidence and teaches you the skill to handle your money and finances in your business. This is exactly what you will learn. 

Still not sure? Ok let's get you booked in for a right fit call...

Click on the button below to get a 15 minute right fit call to ask any further questions you might have and find out exactly how WOWA will benefit you are you busy

Earnings Disclaimer –

At no point during this membership or any courses facilitated by Dominique will you be given personal financial advice. Dominique will empower you with the mindset and the financial education to make these decisions for yourself but you are 100% responsible for those decisions. We don’t believe in ‘overnight success’ or ‘get rich quick’ programs. Building a profitable, sustainable business and creating personal wealth takes hard work, patience, consistency and responsibility. Our programs are intended to help you master your mindset and skillset to master your money. Please do not register for our memberships, courses or programs if you are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. This is NOT what this is about. For this reason I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your results or abilities to get results by making more money or the like using any of our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We will be happy to give you 7 day refund should you change your mind. Please note (as this is very important), all of our programs, courses and memberships are educational and informational purposes only. Nothing provided on this website or within the content of those programs, courses or memberships guarantees future earnings. Please note we do not, nor will not, offer any financial, legal, tax or medical advice. All information provided is for illustrative purposes and should not be considered for any estimated, average, projected or exact earnings. Any mention of investments is again for illustrative purposes and is not an indication of actual or future performance. Any investments that you decide must be made with the knowledge that losses as well as gains are possible so it is important you consult a relevant financial or tax adviser where necessary before making any permanent decisions. As a result, you alone are responsible for your financial decisions and investment choices and by registering for this program you accept that responsibility and you hereby agree not  to attempt to us liable for your decisions, actions and results at any point. It is so important that we are transparent about what you expect but also what we expect upon agreeing to participate in our programs, courses or memberships. There are no guarantees at anytime regarding financial gains or investment returns so please remember this. All terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed below. I look forward to working with you!